These courses consists of various topics as:

Death penalty
The Law
Supreme Court
  • Objectives

    define capital punishment;

    discuss the positions for and against the death penalty

    write a mock editorial for a Huntsville, Texas, paper to defend or denounce the death penalty.

  • Objectives:

    Students will

    1. understand the difference between de facto and de jure discrimination in the United States, and understand the challenges in creating and enforcing laws that make certain racist actions and speech illegal.

  • OBJECTIVES: Students will be able to:

    1. Distinguish between grand and petty larceny

    2. Become more aware of the individual rights of minors

    3. Understand the procedures of a closed juvenile hearing

    4. Realize the severity of the crime of shoplifting

  • OBJECTIVES: The student will:

    1. Identify their constitutional rights based on SupremeCourt decisions.

    2. List ten Supreme Court decisions and tell whatconstitutional right was effected by its decision.

    3. Choose a more recent State Supreme Court or FederalSupreme Court decision and write their own opinion onthe decision had they been one of the Supreme CourtJustices.